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Building Resiliency to Respond to Life’s Everyday Challenges and Disappointments


Social Skills Video Modeling Series

Video modeling is an effective, evidence based intervention

to increase and generalize social skills

Fitting In and Having Fun


Recommended for grades 1-6

Moving On To Middle School

Recommended for grades 5-8

"We are benefiting from your is absolutely invaluable to us. ...
a resource we use EVERY day." - Lori Janzen, K-3 resource teacher


"This video provides concrete, relevant information

and practical tools to prepare children for middle school..."

Dr. Deborah C. Adamy, PhD., LMSW, Psychotherapist


Confident and In Control

Recommended for grades 1-6

"Love these videos - I find them very helpful and grounded works." - 
Paul M. McDonnell, PhD., Professor Emeritus & Psychologist (NB)


High School Life: Unspoken Expectations

Recommended for grades 6-12

"I particularly liked the breakdown and modeling of appropriate behavior, 
all created with actual high school students making it very real." - 
Kristina L. Stevens, M.S. Special Services Coordinator, Fryeburg Academy


The File Factor
Emotional Empowerment System

Self-regulation is an important building block to social and academic success.

Recommended for grades K-12

Close ups of File Factor System
Child using The File Factor for emotional control

"I cannot tell you how wonderful this chart is. My whole class is using it. 
It has been a great place for them to vent what is upsetting them" 
Marilee Abramshe, Teacher, Congers, NY 

The File Factor Emotional Empowerment System is a wall pocket filing system that provides  an engaging structure for students to strengthen self-regulation. Using visual supports and a categorization process, students learn to work through and move on from negative emotions triggered by disappointment. This cognitive reappraisal process modifies the emotional impact of events by changing children’s assessments these events.



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