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Being a tattletale | Dealing with disappointment

Taking a joke too far | Starting a conversation

Accepting help |Being bossy

Knowing when to end a conversation | Accepting criticism

Interrupting |Taking turns speaking in a conversation

Talking too loud |Embarrassing situations | Dares

Video modeling is an effective, evidence based intervention to increase and generalize social skills

 This professionally made DVD:


Features real life social situations reenacted by children

Highlights what you can do differently to improve social exchanges

Includes our exclusive, “What They’re Thinking” insight windows


To be successful socially, children must learn to notice and “read” the many cues and messages that people communicate, aside from words that are spoken. This enables them to demonstrate sensitivity to other people’s points of view and feelings. For some children, executing all these skills rapidly and nearly simultaneously can only happen with direct instruction and practice. This tape is a necessary part of stimulating that process. It will help children perceive social situations accurately by showing them how to decode and correctly interpret information from others. It will also help them to become more aware of their own body language and the messages they’re sending.


The video is geared towards elementary school-aged children. It breaks down complex social interactions by showing the consequences, both positive and negative, attached to how the child interacts with others and how they choose to respond in social situations.  It will make them aware of other people’s perspectives in the exchange by showing what each person is thinking during the social interaction. The program highlights what they can do differently to affect a better outcome.  Watching the children on this program will help them to recognize and hold a picture in their mind of successful social exchanges.  This can help them come closer to duplicating it fluidly in their own personal interactions. 

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