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Showing empathy | Manners count

Dealing with stress | Sharing conversations

Classroom protocol | Staying calm to problem solve

Embarrassing situations | Getting organized

Falling head over heels

 Bonus: Peer mentors advice


 This professionally made DVD: 


Features real life social situations reenacted by teens
Highlights what you can do differently to improve social exchanges
Includes our exclusive, “What They’re Thinking” insight windows

Additional Video Included - Advice from high school peer mentors

There are many behaviors that high school students are expected to exhibit. Students need to be aware of these implicit expectations in order to make good choices, develop healthy relationships and to become increasingly independent. When teens are unaware of social taboos or have difficulty regulating their emotions, they can unknowingly exhibit off-putting behaviors that can lead to isolation. This social rejection can have damaging consequences.


High School Life: Unspoken Expectations helps teens acquire knowledge about the social and self-regulation skills needed to gain more control over their lives. This knowledge assists them in becoming less dependent on adults.


The DVD provides strategic instruction that teens can use to perceive and respond to social situations more accurately. Each lesson highlights a specific unspoken expectation, and models how and why it is important to exhibit that particular behavior. The DVD uses “Insight Windows” to help teens understand the importance of becoming more aware and concerned about the feelings, moods, and viewpoints of others.


This video modeling DVD follows a teen named Jon as he learns to navigate high school by becoming more aware of the unspoken rules his teachers and peers expect him to know. Also included are actual high school peer mentors who offer advice on how to solve teen problems. “Springboard to discussion” questions explore each topic further to help students to better understand and improve social exchanges.



Video modeling is an effective, evidence based intervention to increase and generalize social skills

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