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Accidents | Being flexible | Waiting

Mixed messages | Resolving disagreements

Asking for help | Joining the group

Controlling excitement | Filtering comments

Common courtesy | Taking responsibility

Bonus materials included

Video modeling is an effective, evidence based intervention to increase and generalize social skills

This professionally made DVD:


Features real life social situations reenacted by children

Highlights what you can do differently to improve social exchanges

Includes our exclusive, “What They’re Thinking” insight windows

Additional Materials Included: 5 classroom lessons to reinforce skills learned from the DVD


Many children face social challenges. At times they become overwhelmed because they do not know what they can do differently to improve their situation. Helping children identify and work on the skills needed to create friendships will help them to gain confidence. An important component to making and keeping friends is having the ability to control strong emotions and impulses.  This video empowers children by showing them what they can do differently, in emotionally charged situations, to stay in control. It shows them how to stay calm to work out disagreements and create compromises. 

This video is geared toward mainstreamed elementary school-aged children. It breaks down complex social interactions by showing the consequences, both positive and negative, attached to how the child interacts with others and how they choose to respond in social situations. 

The video follows a boy named Jake through his school day and shows how he gains confidence by learning the skills needed to stay in control.

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