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TD Social Skills is committed to creating tools to help children

and teens develop more positive and fulfilling relationships.

Our products are created using evidence-based 

practices of video modeling and visual supports. Our materials empower 

students by breaking down inherently unpredictable and complex social 

situations into understandable lessons.  All of our materials present the 

perspective of others, a key ingredient in self-awareness, self-regulation, and relationship development. 


Our materials provide engaging, built-in practice and can be easily implemented into  

a school, home or therapy setting.


TD Social Skills Products are sold worldwide.





Terese Dana, M.S. BCBA, has over 25 years of experience improving the social and emotional well-being of students.  

Ms. Dana publishes SEL materials through her company TD Social Skills and lectures both nationally and internationally on the acquisition of social skills and emotional regulation strategies.  

Ms. Dana is the founding Board President of The Laura Foundation and serves as the program designer and behavioral consultant for the foundation's Adaptive Recreation Center in Madison, NH. She has  also partnered with Appalachian Mountain Club to create Autism Outdoors.

She is currently producing Life Lessons, a free weekly video series to enhance children's social and emotional well-being during the COVID 19 home quarantine.




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