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Life Lessons Hub

Videos to enhance your well-being during the 

COVID-19 home quarantine

Lesson 1: Dealing With Disappointment

Learn ways to work through and cope with the disappointment created by the COVID 19 home quarantine

Lesson 2: Creating A Daily Schedule

Learn the benefits of keeping structure and routines in your day by creating a daily home schedule 

Lesson 3: Developing Patience

Learn how to reduce stress by practicing ways to wait that develop patience

Lesson 4: Overcoming Boredom

Learn how making an activities list and a boredom buster bag can decrease the times you  say, I’m bored, there’s nothing to do!”

Lesson 5: Playing Games

Learn strategies to cope with the disappointment of losing a game and how the entire family can play fairly by sometimes bending the rules for younger family members

Lesson 6: What We Have Learned

A review of the first five Life Lessons with added information   

Lesson 7: Coping with Change

Learn how thinking about changes differently can help you to better cope with them

Lesson 8: When Things Don’t Go as Planned

Learn strategies on how to bounce back from mistakes

Lesson 9: Being Kind Online

Learn ways to create a welcoming, kind and safe online experience with your classmates

Lesson 10: Share the Positive

Learn ways to focus on the positive and share your gratitude with others

Building Resiliency to Respond to Life’s Everyday Challenges and Disappointments

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