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Your school or organization can arrange for an in-depth, professional development workshop on Emotional Regulation Development: Support Strategies to Decrease Disruptive Behavior. Each attendee will receive a packet of materials to easily implement techniques learned in the workshop with their students. If interested please contact Terese at

Attendee Feedback

"This might be one of the best workshops I've been to in my years of attending the conference. The information was interesting and delivered well."

"Great for parents. Handouts included. Learned new strategies to help my daughter."

"Best workshop with such great ideas! Thank you for the cards!"

"This was my favorite session of the days.  The presenter provided practical strategies which can easily be implemented into a classroom.  She also gave the participants strategy cards."

"I REALLY enjoyed this workshop."

"Presenter was fluent, lively and kept my attention. I liked that she provided the materials she spoke about."

"Excellent and will be extremely useful at my elementary school."

" Just sat through your session on emotional regulation development. I absolutely loved your session! You shared such amazing strategies that I can't wait to utilize within my classroom setting! Thank you!"

"It was wonderful to listen to your presentation.  I feel I could apply these strategies to my classroom. Thank you so much for taking the time to prepare and present. It truly was the best session of the conference for me." 

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, thank you.



Emotional Regulation Workshops

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