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Teaching children how to react effectively in emotionally charged situations.

Helps children identify, understand, express and control emotions.


This System Helps Children Learn to:


Avoid anger, melt downs or sadness when faced with disappointment

Stop ruminating over past bad feelings and experiences

Accept “No” without protest

Work through problems without externalizing blame

Become flexible when faced with change

Negotiate a compromise when possible

Become increasingly optimistic and grateful


The File Factor Emotional Empowerment System is a wall pocket filing system that provides a structure to improve self-control.  By breaking down complex negative emotions into understandable concepts, children learn to analyze situations from different perspectives and change unproductive thought patterns to effectively resolve conflict. This cognitive reappraisal process modifies the emotional impact of events by changing children’s assessments of these events. 


The hands-on system uses a categorization process for children to express, and ‘file away’ negative emotions triggered by disappointment.  It also lets children highlight and share the positive events in their day. The ability to put their disappointment into words is critical in order to start the problem solving process.


The system can be used to address individualized social, emotional and behavioral goals, or as a class-wide learning or behavior management tool. 



1 Hanging Pocket Filing System

11 Category Game Cards

45 Game Filing Cards

50 File It Cards

50 Share It Cards

Facilitator Instructions


In-depth, Direct instruction, Downloadable Lessons in:

Understanding and Expressing Emotion

Techniques to Stay Calm to Problem solve

How Our Thoughts Affect Our Emotions

How Our Actions Affect Our Emotions

Bouncing Back From Disappointment

Creating an Attitude of Gratitude


A folder for holding loose papers that are typically arranged in a particular order for easy reference


A relevant element when making a calculation or decision


Having to do with emotion or the emotions


Having the information, resources, and authority to make meaningful choices


A set of facts, principles, rues, etc. classified or arranged in a regular, orderly form, so as to show a logical plan linking the various parts

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